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Sprouted Wheat Berries


It’s good for you! You will find that you feel very good after eating this for breakfast. It has ‘staying’ power --meaning it abates hunger for hours and gives a great deal of energy to draw on.

This recipe is fondly called Wheat Berry Surprise because you never know what’s going to be in it. It can be different every day you make it.

These Sprouted Wheat Berries can also be easily incorporated into a bread recipe.

This is a very simple and unique way to eat wheat in it’s whole state.

If by some chance the prepared grain has not been used on the day it was intended to be eaten and if the thermos is set in the refrigerator for a few days, when you open the thermos you will find that the wheat berries have been sitting in the thermos in your refrigerator slowly growing. They will have developed little tiny tails and be quietly growing. Therefore, by definition, this is a LIVE food. It is said that if you took this same grain to the garden and planted it; it would grow grain.

Simply by starting the sprouting process the nutritional value of wheat is multiplied many times over and it becomes very easily assimilated and useable by the body.


A 1 quart jar wide mouth jar
A screen of some type for the jar
A stainless steel thermos
1 ½ Cups Wheat Berries (seeds)
Raw Nuts
Fresh Fruit


(Takes 1 ½ days from beginning to finished recipe.)

This recipe will serve 2 adults.

Begin this process 36 hours before intending to eat. (We soak new wheat every day. We fill our thermos every evening while we prepare dinner, and we cover it with boiling water. It’s become routine). The grain placed in the thermos the night before is ready to eat the next morning.

In a 1 quart jar place 1 ½ cups of dry wheat seeds, (our preference is the, ‘soft’ wheat berry. This is also called ‘pastry’ wheat)…but the soft wheat berry gives the best results. You may also try other types of wheat, they all turn out a little different. Or you may vary the grain using hulled barley or whole oats (hulled barley and whole oats only need to soak 12 hours—they require no sprout time—simply soak, rinse, and place in thermos and proceed as below). You can also experiment with other types of grain. We like soft wheat best.

Cover the wheat you have measured in the jar with plenty of water. Set jar on the counter for 12 hours to allow time for the wheat to soak.

After 12 hours, drain the wheat well and rinse the wheat. Turn jar on its side to begin the sprouting process. Leave set for 12 hours.

After 12 hours rinse the grain well.

Pour the grain into a stainless steel thermos.

Bring 1 ½ to 2 cups of water to a boil. Pour boiling water over the grain which has been placed in the thermos…the boiling water should cover all the grain to a level above the grain by about 1 inch.

Secure the lid to the thermos tightly. Shake or agitate the thermos a little to make sure all berries are surrounded by the hot water.

Set thermos on the counter until morning.

If you want to repeat this process so that you will have grain ready for the day after this is ready: It’s now time to refill the original quart jar with more dry wheat and let it set for the 12 hours it needs to soak. (Simply repeat the process.).

Also, if you want to add soaked nuts to the cereal next morning, now is the time to chose a variety of raw nuts to soak overnight. By soaking them the night before, they will be ready when you need them in the morning. (Note: soaked nuts are deliciously wonderful in this cereal.)

We like to use an equal mixture of almonds, walnuts and pecans. Be sure you use only RAW nuts. Using the raw nuts in this way gives you the natural fats and oils in a raw, unprocessed state….it is in this state that your body can easily assimilate and use these essential oils.

Assembling your Wheat Berry Surprise
In the morning: Drain the nuts, rinse and chop. We use a small food processor to quickly chop the nuts…(and actually, we soak and chop enough nuts at one time to last for a few days at a time. We store the excess nuts in a container which we place in the refrigerator for future use).

When you open the thermos after having let it set over night, the wheat will be very soft, and sometimes it will have popped open. It should be soft and chewy.

You can drain the liquid off the wheat at this point or you can choose to use it for liquid in your Berry Surprise. This liquid is full of nutritional elements…therefore, I try to use it.

Pour the grain into a bowl. It will still be warm. Top with your favorite toppings (see suggestions below).

(Note: Sometimes before pouring the grain into a bowl I will pour the soft wheat berries into a blender along with the liquid they were soaked in, adding a few raisins, and blend it all up to the consistency of course oatmeal, I then pour this mixture into a bowl and top it as suggested below. Doing this saves some chewing effort.) (But it’s not a favorite way to prepare it.)

Top the grain in your bowl with your choice of any or all of the following to taste:
* 3 or 4 heaping teaspoons of the chopped soaked nuts,
* some raisins,
* dates,
* a chopped banana,
* some chopped apple, or grated apple,
* sprinkle in some cinnamon,
* add peaches,
* strawberries
* or any fruit that is in season.

There is no end to the variety you can create as you choose from the variety of fresh fruits available according to the season. You may also use frozen blueberries.

If you desire, you can stir the entire mixture of fruit, grain and nuts. Or you can leave a layered effect if that is your preference.

It’s now time to drizzle your Wheat Berry Surprise with a little raw honey to taste.

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