04.10.2014 - 2014 Wheat Montana Junior Golf Tour

2014 Wheat Montana Junior Golf Tour

WELCOME!! On behalf of the Advisory Board at Wheat Montana Junior Golf, we would like to invite you to join us for another year of fun, competitive golf. Please Click the link below for a full list of events and contact information.

2014 Wheat Montana Junior Golf Site

11.15.2012 - Vitamin Cottage stores update

Vitamin Cottage stores in TX, NM, CO, ID, MT, WY, AZ, NE, OK, KS, and UT now carry Wheat Montana's 5# flour. Hurry in and get yours soon.

10.04.2012 - Are Wheat Montana products Non-GMO?

Yes, please review our Non-GMO statement attached here for further details.

08.21.2012 - Winning Recipes at Montana State Fair 2012

Logan Stene won the Youth division for the Single Rise Whole Wheat Bread recipe. The Adult division was won by Andrew Gould for the Gram's Whole Wheat Bread and Rolls recipe. Finally the Sweepstakes winner was Aimie Hackigian Gould for the Armenian Cheoreg recipe. Please go to the Wheat Recipes to find and try your favorite one.

07.23.2012 - Fire Prevention in Montana

Extreme heat and low relative humidity are a recipe for dangerous wildfire. Please use caution when performing any outdoor activities that may create a spark to ignite a wildfire. Many parts of the State are currently in fire restrictions. Visit www.firerestrictions.us/mt or contact your local land management office to see how these restrictions may affect you. Be careful, Montana’s wildfire season has just begun.

07.09.2012 - Wildfire Prevention

Montana wildfire Season is upon us. Over 300,000 acres have burned in Montana this year and most fires have been caused by human carelessness. We can do our part to prevent any further wildfires from plaguing our state. Fire restrictions are currently in place and fireworks are prohibited in most areas. To learn more about fire restrictions, please visit www.firerestrictions.us/mt or contact your local land management office.

07.07.2012 - Emma's Bread Experiment

Emma performed a bread making experiment using Bronze Chief, Prairie Gold, and spelt wheat. Click on the following link to see the video and hear the great results. Wheat Experiment



WELCOME!! On behalf of the Advisory Board at Wheat Montana Junior Golf, we would like to invite you to join us for another year of fun, competitive golf. Please Click the link below for a full list of events and contact information.

2012 Wheat Montana Junior Golf Site

05.02.2012 - Facebook Recipe Contest Winner

Congratulations Sara Floyd for winning our first Facebook Recipe Contest! Sara started using Wheat Montana products about 3 years ago when she made the healthy decision to switch to Whole Grains. Sara lives in OH and was married last year. She loves cooking, watching football (Go Lions), playing beach volleyball, tennis, and saving money! Thanks Sara for your recipe and being a loyal Wheat Montana customer. Sara won a great prize package of Wheat Montana gear and products. Keep watching for our next contest on Facebook!

02.21.2012 - Farm to Table Video

Our Wheat Montana Farm to Table video is now available for viewing on our website at www.wheatmontana.com. The footage of our beautiful valley, clear rivers, and wheat covered farm land are wonderful. Please take a few minutes to meet some of our crew and learn a lot about our family owned company!

01.20.2012 - Natural Products Expo West

We’d like to invite all of you to the Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim, CA March 9-11th. We’ll have a wonderful booth displaying our Grain, Flour, and Bread products. Our Farm to Table story is so fun to share with people, we can’t wait to visit with you. Please stop by our booth, number 5565, in the Anaheim Convention Center and check out the Expo site, www.expowest.com, for more information on the show!

01.04.2012 - Watch Our Crops Grow

To view a photo gallery of our crops growing throughout the year, select the Crop Watch menu item or select the following link:
Wheat Montana Crop Watch

09.08.2011 - Wheat Montana at Muralt's Travel Plaza Opening

After much anticipation - and hard work - the new Wheat Montana Bakery & Deli located at Muralt's Travel Plaza will be opening this Saturday, September 10th. Just in time for the Griz football home opener!

08.24.2011 - That's How Country Boys Roll video

Click on the following link to see a video of Wheat Montana Farms from the air: Wheat Montana Flip Video

08.08.2011 - New Deli Opening - Muralt's Travel Plaza

Wheat Montana welcomes the newest member of the Wheat Montana Bakery & Deli family! Muralt’s Travel Plaza - a family operated truck stop that has proudly served the trucking industry and the motoring public for over 30 years - will unveil their new Wheat Montana Bakery & Deli facility in mid-August. At the junction of I-90 & US 93, this new location is a great addition to our current stores in Western Montana – Kalispell and Missoula Reserve Street. Like our other Bakery & Deli locations, this store will offer Wheat Montana breads, flours and grains for purchase. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner serving our famous sweet rolls, baked goods, sandwiches, soups and salads.

07.15.2011 - Wheat Montana Junior Golf Tee Times

Click the link below to see this week's tee times.

2011 Wheat Montana Junior Golf Site

11.17.2010 - Bulk Wheat Distributor

Wheat Flour Distributors

Wheat Montana is excited to announce that Wal-Mart Super Centers across the nation are now carrying our Bronze Chief and Prairie Gold Wheat in 25lb bags. Wal-Mart distribution allows us to reach many customers at a much lower price point than ordering directly from our family farm in Three Forks, MT. The list of most Wal-Mart locations carrying the wheat is attached in our Dealer Locator section of the web-site, or select the links below. Check them out!
Bronze Chief Wheat Distributors
Prairie Gold Wheat Distributors

09.27.2010 - New Wheat Montana Cereal

Wheat Montana is excited to introduce it’s new Cereal Line. We now have four delicious and highly nutritious cereals to start off the cool mornings. Try all four and pick a favorite! These are also great incorporated in baked goods and homemade granola bars. The awesome new clear packaging and zip-lock top make for easy storage in your kitchen and the new smaller size won’t take up much room. Enjoy!!

09.13.2010 - New Flour Bags Coming to a Store Near You!

Wheat Montana is happy to unveil our new packaging for the 5 and 10 pound bags of flour. We have state of the art re-sealable bags that will stand up to wear and tear in your kitchen. The new bags have clear areas on the front, back, and bottom so you can view the farm fresh product. We’re certain you will love this new design as much as we do! Look for it in your local grocery store soon.

08.25.2010 - Extreme Harvesting Video

Extreme Harvesting Video

Check out this video of some extreme harvesting being done for Wheat Montana.

06.03.2010 - June Wholesale Promotions

June Wholesale Promotions

For our loyal Wholesale customers, we're now offering monthly promotions. Please check out the June Promo's. A list of the promotional items are also available on the Mill Information page.



WELCOME!! On behalf of the Advisory Board at Wheat Montana Junior Golf, we would like to invite you to join us for another year of fun, competitive golf. Please Click the link below for a full list of events and contact information.

2010 Wheat Montana Junior Golf Site

02.09.2010 - New National Sales Manager - Dan Scott

Wheat Montana Farm is excited to announce that we have recently hired Dan Scott as the National Sales Manager for Flour & Specialty Grains. Dan will be focused on expanding our wholesale grain business. Dan joined our company in January and is now activity pursuing new business.

Dan has extensive experience in the baking industry as both a manufacture sales rep for Puratos and as a general manager of a Bakemark branch in Phoenix. We’re thrilled to have Dan’s leadership on our team.

Dan Scott
National Sales Manager
Specialty Grains & Flour
Wheat Montana Farms

Feel free to contact Dan with any questions or future opportunities.

We appreciate your support.

06.30.2008 - Signature Ceramics Are Coming Back!!!

Due to incredible demand, we're bringing back our signature series of Wheat Montana ceramics!! Look for us to have your favorite Bronze Chief, Prairie Gold or Natural White coffee mugs or canisters and our great Wheat Montana chili bowls in late spring. To pick them up in person, visit us in Three Forks or at one of our popular locations around Montana, Washington or Idaho. To place an order, call 800-535-2798 or visit us at www.wheatmontana.com.

03.26.2008 - Yields Magazine Article

12.27.2007 - Boise Franchise Opportunity

Huge franchise opportunity in the suburb of Eagle, Located in Boise ID. Join us with this franchise opportunity where two other Wheat Montana stores are already present in the market.

Call Jason Rummer 406-582-4545 or by email at jasonr@wheatmontana.com

07.01.2006 - Big Sky Coffee at Wheat Montana

What is the perfect complement to a fresh out-of-the-oven pastry or a yummy muffin? It has to be a cup of fresh brewed Big Sky Coffee - Wheat Montana's own private label coffee introduced in December of 2007. Available at all of our bakery's by the cup and, of course, pick up a bag to take home while you're there! Wheat Montana pastries and Big Sky coffee - there's nothing better!


Wheat Montana isn't going anywhere, But - With some outside help - the Three Forks staple is making plans for expansion.

Read the rest of the article now

By Nicole Rosenleaf Ritter of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle


Wheat Montana Bread now available in the Spokane, WA and Coeur d’ Alene, ID area.

The famous Sow It, Grow It, Dough It bread of Montana is now available in the Spokane/Coeur d’ Alene area. Wheat Montana offers many different fresh breads, bagels, rolls and buns. We carry the best Whole Wheat Bread and offer alternatives such as Spelt Bread and 6 Carb Bread. Please check your favorite super market for our delicious Wheat Montana breads, rolls, and buns. If you have any questions about delivery or availability in this area please call our friendly staff at 509-484-7094.

Click to view our line of Baked Goods


Baking a Better Business

By Dale McDonald

From wheat to retail, there's nothing but growth for this family

Vertical integration has long been championed as a way to break through the doldrums of commodity markets. The idea, of course, is to capture more profit from your staple crop by creating value-added products.
Dean Folkvord and his father Dale, owners of Wheat Montana Farms near Three Forks, Mont., have taken that concept about as far as it can go.
“Of all the things we do.” Dean says, “the most profitable is to grow wheat, mill it, bake it, and sell a sandwich out of our store and restaurant. It’s by far our highest margin business.
The also sell dozens of specialty grains, operate a flour mill for wholesale and retail customers, sell a variety of baked goods nationally, recently began franchising the Wheat Montana restaurant concept. Currently there are seven stores in Montana, and Dean says a move out of state is next.
Long Road. The Folkvord’s road to integration began in 1978, when Dale decided to expand his 600-acre wheat farm to 3,000. “Dean was finishing high school that year “Dean was finishing high school that year,” he says, “and we talked about partnering on the new farm. I wanted him with me, but I told him he needed to go to college and bring something back.
Dean went to Montana State University and in 1982 he brought two things back: a degree in ag business, and a host of new ideas.
“My graduation present was an IBM computer,” Dean says.” and I set up an office and began focusing on the business side of farming. We started no-tilling, using an air seeder to seed directly into stubble, and experimented with a million different things. We were early adopters who got to see a lot of ideas fail. But we figured things out.”
Five years later, they decided to concentrate on baking quality rather than yields, and hooked up with a partner who grew hard white wheat. They grew it, milled it, baked buns, and had a successful test market at a McDonalds restaurant. That’s when they decided to pursue specialty grains.
Shaky Start. “In 1989 we had a partner in the bakery and in the specialty grains,” Dean says,” and we thought we would just keep on being farmers. In 1990 that all imploded. The specialty grains guy disappeared, and the manager of the bakery couldn’t handle it. So we had to decide whether to forge ahead on our own or go back to just farming. We bought the partners out, and focused on the bakery while my dad focused on farming. Our wives pitched in, too, and we just worked around the clock. Looking back, I really don’t know how we did it all.” In 1992 they made “the big move,” and decided to fully integrate the operation. That winter they broke ground on a new, fully integrated complex, one that would receive their grain in the back door and sell food products out the front door. The bakery had $400,000 in sales that year, and the Folkvords only looked ahead.
By 1997 the farm had grown to 11,000 acres, and in the year 2000 the company’s sales figures topped $10 million. “In 2000, we sold everything we could make,” he recalls. “We paid down a lot of dept and went to the next level. The bakery really got strong after 2000, and we began thinking about franchising. We sold the first franchise in 2003, where the franchisee pays $35,000 and we get 6% of sales. We produce fresh bread for those stores.” More Growth. “Size brings opportunity,” Dean says. “We invest all the money back into the business, and it has paid off. For example, last spring Burger King wanted us to provide buns for 22 stores inn Montana and Wyoming, and we could say “yes” because we have a facility to do the work. It’s a volume business, and the overhead costs fall with every loaf that goes out the door. We’ve also learned that when you open a deli, you sell more bread in the local grocery stores. The integration effect of brand development works in multiples.”
So what’s next? “We’ve taken the company about as far as a family can,” Dean says. “Now we are looking for partners so we can continue to grow and maybe take some of our own chips off the table. We are very serious about that. With more resources we’ll be able to move into markets beyond Montana, and with confidence.
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