Wheat Montana Cookbook

Welcome to the wonderful extended world of Wheat Montana. This Wheat Montana Cookbook was compiled using recipes gathered from around Montana and across the country from many people who have experienced the great products we produce here on our farm. Some recipes come from folks who have discovered us by way of stopping into our deli and bakery while traveling through Montana from afar. Other recipes come from neighbors who live just down the road, yet rely on the same consistent quality of our products as do baking professionals thousands of miles away. Either a family tradition or a newfound discovery, each recipe is a favor-ite of the person or family who provided it to us. You’ll also find some of Wheat Montana’s favorite and most unique recipes here.

The only requirement for recipe submission was that the recipe use one or more of the many premium flours and grains available from our farm: Wheat Montana Bronze Chief, Prairie Gold, Natural White, and 7-Grain Cereal. We have not tested, nor have we altered the recipes in any way except to note where the different brands of our flours should be used.

We hope you enjoy the great tastes we have compiled here in our very first cook-book. It is as much yours as it is ours, since it is our customers who supply the spe-cial touch and creativity to make our fine products taste even better.