January 2018

15 Ways to Go (Almost) Zero Waste in 2018

The waste problem is one that plagues our social media channels. Images of islands of trash, sea turtles with plastic straws stuck up their noses — it’s enough to make you want to bow your head in shame every time you take out a bag.

Reducing your waste footprint is not an easy task though, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Rather than looking at every hurdle your household faces, start with taking one step at a time. Here’s a quick list of easy things you can do this year to reduce your waste footprint.

Overnight Oats 8 Ways

Overnight oats are the healthiest grab and go breakfast you can make in a mason jar.

‘Eat a healthy breakfast,’ they say. ‘It’ll set the pace for a healthy day of eating.’

Pft. Yea, okay, we’ll get right on that, between carpool lines, trying to master a matte lip, and getting the car defrosted in time to beat the morning traffic.

Eating a healthy breakfast is so much easier when it comes in a little package, but for those of us trying to eat cleaner and avoid processed and packaged foods, it’s overnight oats to the rescue.